PTCC is a design practice specializing in the development, analysis and documentation of facades for modern buildings.
If you are in the business of constructing curtain walls then PTCC's technical support will allow you to take on projects that are larger and more complex. There are many ways in which we can help you to operate efficiently: our optimization techniques can be applied at an early stage in the design process in order to bring material costs to a minimum; our bulk documentation services are cost-effective; also, we can create the digital files you need to control the machinery in your workshop, to streamline your production workflow.
Our core expertise is in the design of new envelope systems for modern buildings. We develop facade types that include unitized curtain walls, point-fixed and structural glass walls, unitized skylights, truss-supported walls and blast-resistant glazing.
Our clients are curtain wall fabricators, facade contractors and suppliers of extruded aluminium wall systems. We deliver our designs, drawings and calculations, in electronic format, to all regions of the world.
Our services are geared to meet the requirements of companies constructing large or complex facades. These walls might have tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of unique parts. We prepare shop drawings for review by the building owner's consultants, the die drawings used by the aluminium extruders and gasket manufacturers, material quantity take-offs, and also fabrication drawings to describe each individual component. We test the performance of installed facades and, when troubleshooting is required, we can investigate and provide technical direction during the rectification process.
Our projects are, generally, those which are large in scale (sports stadiums, major airports, institutional buildings and high-rise commercial towers), or those which are technically challenging because of their geometric or structural complexity (such as twisting canopies, cable-nets, and dynamically loaded or impact-absorbing walls).
Our staff are university-educated design professionals. PTCC employs just under a hundred people.
Here at this website you will find further information about our services. A portfolio of our past work contains pictures of some notable buildings. In addition, a few drawing samples are available for download. Do contact us to let us know the details of your project: we are ready to help.