Our Services
PTCC is able to provide comprehensive support in facade design, engineering, and drawing production. These services are available as a complete package: alternatively, to meet the specific requirements of your project, we can provide targeted assistance to complement the works carried out in your own design office. The ways in which we can help are described below: -
Custom Facade Design
Custom Facade Design:
Our designers develop new wall and cladding systems, which can be tailored to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of your project. The facade types that we design include unitized curtain walls, unitized skylights, point-fixed glass walls, lightweight truss-supported glazing, and architectural claddings.
Engineering Analysis:
Our engineers provide structural design guidance during the development of new facade systems, and we apply our own numerical optimization algorithms to minimize the weight of metal. Individual components can be analyzed using algebraic or finite element methods. Routinely we model the thermal performance of facade systems. We handle the structural design of lightweight trusses and cable supports, as well as the engineering of dynamically-loaded, energy-absorbing walls capable of withstanding blast loadings.

Preparation of Drawings and Construction Paperwork:
PTCC prepares facade shop drawings (also known as the approval drawings) for review by a building owner's consultants. We can provide all associated documentation required for construction, including material quantity take-offs, extrusion die drawings and component fabrication drawings. Many steps in the drawing production process have been automated using software systems developed in-house, thereby minimizing project documentation costs.
Facade Troubleshooting
If the performance of any building's facade unsatisfactory then PTCC can help. We have considerable experience in the investigation of technical problems, and in the development of procedures for remedial rectification.