Drawing Production Services for Curtain Wall Fabricators, Facade Contractors and Wall System Suppliers
We can provide all of the technical drawings you need to secure approval of a wall system's design, to procure materials, to fabricate components, and to assemble a complete facade. For your project, PTCC is able to prepare all of the following documentation: -
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Tender Drawings
Strongly PTCC advises that, each time a bid is submitted for a facade construction contract, drawings should be included to define the systems that will be supplied for the project. These tender-phase drawings are an important reference for use after the contract has been awarded, during design negotiations with the building owner's consultants. Without such a reference the design approvals process is always more arduous and protracted. For a typical, flat facade at a high-rise tower, a package of a dozen drawing sheets might be sufficient at the time of tender, and PTCC charges only a modest fee for this sort of submittal.
Bracket Layout Drawings
The first sets of drawings which PTCC will prepare for a new project are plans showing the shape and locations of the embedded metal connectors that are cast into a concrete-framed building, or the brackets attached to a steel structure, for attachment of curtain walls or claddings. Usually this information can be presented using a few drawing sheets for each floor of the building.
Sample bracket layout
Download one sample bracket layout sheet.

Shop Drawings
The geometry of the building's facade, and the design of the assembled wall system at each location, are shown in shop drawings (sometimes called the "approval drawings"). Shop drawings are provided also for performance mock-up and visual mock-up specimens. Normally, all of these drawings have to pass through a process of formal review by the architect and his consultants. For a flat, rectangular, high-rise tower, a couple of hundred shop drawing sheets might be sufficient to document fully the curtain wall. For larger or more complex projects, the number of sheets may be in the thousands.
Sample component schedule
Download one sample sheet from a pictorial component schedule.

Sample partial elevation drawing
Download a sample partial elevation drawing.

Sample curtain wall shop drawing detail
Download a sample shop drawing for a simple unitized curtain wall mullion.

Sample curtain wall shop drawing detail
Download a sample curtain wall shop drawing for a unitized curtain wall stack joint.

Component Fabrication Drawings
In a traditional metal fabrication workshop, one drawing — showing cutting dimensions and machining details — is required for each unique component that is to be manufactured. PTCC can prepare these fabrication sheets, as well as the associated assembly drawings. Also, if you are using computer-controlled tools then after studying your production processes we can provide digital files formatted for direct input to your CNC machines. Automated manufacturing procedures of this sort reduce cost because they eliminate the need to employ machine programmers on the shop floor, and because it is is possible to reduce the number of human-readable fabrication drawings which have to be prepared in the drafting office.
The number of different parts in a building's envelope, and hence the cost of the fabrication drawings, varies greatly with the shape of the facade. Repetitive, flat walls might be constructed using only a few dozen fabrication drawing sheets, but for a large and geometrically complex project the number of unique components may be in the hundreds of thousands.
Sample panel assembly sheet from fabrication drawing set
Download a sample panel assembly sheet from a fabrication drawing package.

Sample bar fabrication sheet
Download a sample bar fabrication sheet.

Sample bracket fabrication sheet
Download a sample bracket fabrication sheet.

Die Drawings
After a new curtain wall or cladding system has been designed, PTCC can provide drawings showing the dies through which the aluminium profiles and rubber gaskets will be extruded. We have considerable experience in developing wall systems and, when trial metal samples become available we can check dimensional tolerances and advise on die corrections if required. Before a prototype facade is constructed at a test laboratory we can test the structural properties of the metal and the effectiveness of gasket seals.
Sample extrusion die drawing
Download a sample extrusion die drawing.

3D Studies
Facade areas which are difficult to visualize when drawn in two dimensions, complicated assembly details, and intricate components can be presented in isometric studies, or can be modelled in 3D using CAD.
Material Listings
When it is time to procure materials for construction, PTCC can provide detailed material quantity take-offs, as well as cutting lists for glass panes or cladding sheets.