Troubleshooting Facade Defects
Perhaps cracks are appearing in your building's natural stone cladding; maybe water is leaking through the walls during storms; you might have noticed that unattractive blotches are forming between the panes of insulated glass. Whatever the nature of the technical problem affecting a building's facade, PTCC can help. We can inspect and test in order to determine the cause and extent of the malady, we can develop then refine rectification procedures and we can monitor the works of the contractor carrying out the repairs. Also, importantly, we can prepare the sort of detailed records and commentary which will be valuable if there is dispute between the parties who were involved during the original construction.
Facades damaged by typhoon storms and by fire

Facade Failure Investigation
PTCC investigates all types of facade defect including: structural failures; water leaks; corrosion; glass coating defects; glass delamination; bow and warp in glass or cladding; deterioration of paint or coatings; weathering, staining, cracking or spalling in natural stone cladding; and problems with sealant.
In some cases a single, brief inspection is sufficient to determine why a particular facade is not performing satisfactorily. More typically however it will be necessary to take measurements over a period of time in order to understand properly the way in which a wall system behaves in its environment. Often installed parts will have to be disassembled so that components can be scrutinized. Sometimes PTCC will choose to install sensors inside the wall or cladding to measure the magnitudes of relevant parameters such building movements and surface temperatures. We may need to carry out tests to ascertain the rates of chemical reactions, or monitor the effects of occupants' activities. Once the cause of the observed problem has been established and verified, PTCC can present its technical findings and opinions in a forensic report.
Investigation of Water Leakage
Of the different types of technical defect that PTCC is called to troubleshoot, by far the most common problem is water leakage. So, the issue of weather-tightness deserves special mention.
In a building with water leaks, investigation begins with a visual inspection of the facade. One or more sample wall areas are selected for testing, and PTCC will install temporary equipment with which to simulate storm conditions. The performance of the sample wall areas then can be assessed and points of water entry can be identified. Our company has considerable experience in this sort of diagnostic testing: over the years we have conducted literally thousands of field water tests, we are accustomed to working inside premium grade commercial and residential buildings. If necessary, we can conduct our tests inside tenanted offices or apartments.
Pressurized field water test.
Testing the water tightness of site-installed glazing. Extreme storm conditions are simulated by spraying water at the exterior while electric blowers create a partial vacuum in a temporary chamber at the interior side of the wall.
Development of Rectification Procedures
Finding the cause of a facade's faults is, obviously, only the first step. A practical means must be found to cure the problems. PTCC's design staff can propose remedial treatments, we can make experimental repairs to sample areas of the wall, and we can carry out tests to determine the efficacy of these changes. Once a satisfactory rectification procedure has been developed, PTCC will prepare a set of clearly documented, step-by-step instructions: this procedure statement may be used as a basis for competitive tender amongst prospective repair contractors.
Glazing rectification method statement
Extract from a rectification method statement prepared by PTCC. Each step in procedure is described in words and diagrams.
Rectification Quality Assessment
While a contractor is making good the defects in curtain wall, cladding or windows, PTCC's site inspectors can monitor the work, carrying out tests to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained.
Removal and reinstallation of tower windows

Technical Assistance for Parties in Dispute
Unfortunately, in the construction industry, if ever a serious technical problem arises then it is likely that a commercial dispute will follow. It is often expensive to put right faults in a facade, and the process of allocating responsibility for repair can be contentious. To assist parties who are in dispute relating to a building's exterior walls or cladding, PTCC is able provide meticulously detailed technical documentation describing the nature, cause and extent of defects.