People to Contact
One of the notable features of the curtain wall industry is that it is surprisingly small. It seems that each new project, wherever in the world it is located, brings us into contact with friends with whom we have worked in the past. We hope that all of you — the members of this design community — will be able to visit us at our office in Manila. For those who do not know us already, below are some brief notes of introduction. We look forward to hearing from you.
Adam Lee
Adam Lee was born and raised in London. He read engineering at Cambridge University, and there he received his bachelor's and master's degrees. The topic of his doctoral research, carried out in the Faculty of Design and Engineering at the University of Bath, was structural stability and cross-sectional shape optimization in aluminium profiles. The numerical methods that he began developing as a post-graduate student are used today by PTCC to minimize material content in bespoke curtain walls designs.
Adam has previously worked for firms offering facade design, testing and consulting services, and he has been running PTCC since its inception in 1999. He remains active as a designer and an engineer, advising clients, conceptualizing new facade systems and composing design-automation algorithms. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Society of Facade Engineering.

Appolo Arcaya
Appolo Arcaya graduated from the University of Santo Thomas, and qualified as licensed architect in 1994. As a practising professional, he handled design works for large developments including high-rise towers, temples, shopping malls and a casino.
Polo received his masters degree in Construction Management from University of the East, Manila. Today, he and his departmental staff manage PTCC's contracts.

Susan Benjamin
Susan Benjamin was raised in Davao City, Mindanao, where she attended Ateneo University, graduating in commerce with a major in accounting. After qualifying as a Certified Public Accountant, she worked for seven years with a developmental charity providing support for the poor. She moved to Manila where, in 2000, she joined PTCC. Susan manages the company's finances.