People to Contact
One of the notable features of the curtain wall industry is that it is surprisingly small. It seems that each new project, wherever in the world it is located, brings us into contact with friends with whom we have worked in the past. We hope that all of you — the members of this design community — will be able to visit us at our office in Manila. For those who do not know us already, below are some brief notes of introduction. We look forward to hearing from you.
Adam Lee
Adam Lee was born and raised in London. For a year after leaving school, and also during the academic vacations while studying engineering at Cambridge University, he served as an intern with a large firm of consulting engineers. There he received training in the design office, and worked with a team researching turbulent airflow. During this period he won the National Engineering Council's design prize. After gaining his Master's degree he emigrated to Hong Kong in order to join another consulting practice — one providing technical services within the curtain wall industry — where he was involved in design, engineering analysis, and frequent laboratory testing of prototype facade systems. Later, in 1995, while still working for the same company, he moved to Manila, Philippines, to establish and run a satellite office.
Adam has been managing PTCC since 1999. He remains active and enthusiastic in technical works, coaching design staff and structural engineers, preparing the hand-drawn outlines of new facade systems, and developing analytical methods. He has a particular interest in devising mathematical algorithms, implemented in his own computer code: these software routines are used, for example, to automate the generation of construction drawings for large and geometrically complex facades, and to optimize the distribution of aluminium within extruded profiles.
Adam is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Society of Facade Engineering.

Sheryll Decosto
Sheryll Decosto studied economics at University of Santo Tomas in Manila then, for five years, worked with one of the country's major banks. She returned to university, reading law at Adamson, and passing the professional license examinations before joining PTCC in 2007. Sheryll and her departmental staff manage contracts.

Susan Benjamin
Susan Benjamin was raised in Davao City, Mindanao, where she attended Ateneo University, graduating in commerce with a major in accounting. After qualifying as a Certified Public Accountant, she worked for seven years with a developmental charity providing support for the poor. She moved to Manila where, in 2000, she joined PTCC. Susan manages the company's finances.