Our Organization
PTCC is a privately owned design practice established in 1999. The company works exclusively within the building facade industry, providing specialist technical support for contractors and wall system suppliers around the world. On this page are brief notes about our physical infrastructure, our staff and our clients.
Our Office
Our design center occupies approximately 1,200 square meters of floorspace within a modern office block located in the Philippines' main business and financial district. The building is special because it is built and operated to the specifications of telecommunication carriers, capable of withstanding extreme natural events, tightly secured and equipped with its own electrical plant. With these facilities PTCC is able to operate normally, even while others in the city are affected by heavy storms or protracted power outages.
Makati business district
The Makati business district in Manila.
Our Computer Systems
The company maintains a high level of investment in its computer systems. We operate our own data center which has been designed with great emphasis upon reliability. (Our computer equipment racks are provided with multiple, independent cooling systems; automatic fault detection processes run full-time on all servers; files are backed-up, off-line, automatically; on-line storage is configured so that the failure of any one hardware component will not result in data loss.)
We send and receive our digital data through high-bandwidth, leased lines. In addition, VSAT dish antennae are installed at our premises, allowing us to communicate by satellite if the terrestrial connections should fail.
Satellite communications equipment at PTCC's office
Communications tower and one of the satellite dishes installed at the roof above PTCC's office.
Our computers connect to a segmented, gigabit network with redundant routers. As you would expect in a CAD design office, we are using modern workstations and high-volume networked printers.
Our Software
Over the years PTCC's design and drawing production processes have evolved to take advantage of the features found in a wide assortment of different software packages, so, now, in comparison with other curtain wall design offices, the number of different computer programs used by PTCC is large. Our servers and many of our workstations run UNIX-like operating systems, but also we have licenses for the popular desktop CAD and engineering packages, such as AutoCAD and STAAD, running on Microsoft Windows. We can use these common tools if there is a requirement to share digital files with other parties: for larger projects the use of other programs, including those which we have developed in-house, allows us to automate many of the steps in the workflow.
Our Clients
All of our operational processes are structured so that we are able to give effective support to clients overseas. Because we are involved in projects located in many different parts of the world, we understand, and aim to accommodate, a wide range of contrasting business cultures. Our facade systems are of course tailored to suit local conditions. For example, climate at the project's location has to be taken into consideration and, also, the fabrication details and installation procedures that we propose are influenced greatly by the cost of labour at the workshop and at the construction site.
Already we are familiar with an assortment of different construction standards, and our computer design templates are programmed in such a way that they can be adapted quickly to match the building codes and technical specifications applicable to your project.
Client locations on world map
We are experienced in serving clients in locations around the world.
Our Community of Skilled Designers and Engineers
Each member of our technical staff is fluent in English, and holds a university degree in architecture or engineering.
PTCC Staff Cartoon
PTCC's experienced technical staff are ready to provide support for your project.